RTLM Machineries under Unico offers a full range of AC and DC drives, motors, controllers, and other accessories ideally suited for most industrial and commercial applications.
1000 Family Drive
The 1000 family of drives offers flexible general-purpose flux-vector or variable-frequency control of AC motors through 1,000 hp (750 kW) in stand-alone and outdoor applications.
4000 Family Controllers
The 4000 family of control products includes central processing units, serial and transducer interfaces, digital and analog I/O options, as well as card racks and power supplies.
2000 Family Drive
The 2000 family of drives offers exceptional performance and versatility for AC and DC applications high-performance control of AC and DC motors up to 1,600 hp (1,200 kW) where exceptional performance and/or multiaxis control is required.
5000 Family Motors
The 5000 family of inverter-duty AC induction and DC industrial motors complements our drives through 1,000 hp (750 kW) AC and 500 hp (375 kW) DC.
3100 Family Drive
The 3100 series of drives offer variable-speed control of industrial DC motors. These robust units provide four-quadrant control of motoring and regenerative power. Torque, velocity, and position control modes are available in a variety of application-specific software packages.
Drive Components
A full selection of optional drive components is available for stand-alone drives or systems, including isolation transformers, line reactors, harmonic filters, output filters, braking resistors, and more..
4700 Family Drive
The 4700 series is ideally suited for multiaxis servo control of induction and brushless motors up to 5 hp (3.7 kW)
Other Products
Controllers, Switchgear, Transformer and Lightning

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Parallel Pump Control for Recirculating Fluid Systems

DC and AC Digital Rotary Knife Control

Multipump Control for Fluid Delivery Systems

Intelligent Pump Controller